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Solutions for Delivery & Logistics

Efficient Route Planning

Baato VRS ensures that your deliveries are carried out with maximum efficiency. Say goodbye to slow and costly routes and hello to streamlined operations.

Key Features

Optimized Routes

Find the quickest and most efficient path for your rides.

Real-time Traffic Updates

Navigate around traffic for on-time arrivals.

Turn-by-turn Directions

Provide step-by-step guidance for every ride.

Real-time Asset Tracking

Baato empowers you to monitor and track assets, including vehicles, in real-time. Keep a pulse on your operations for maximum efficiency.

Key Features

Live Location Updates

Monitor the real-time location of your assets.


Set virtual boundaries for your assets and receive alerts.

Historical Data Analysis

Review past routes and performance.

Last-Mile Fleet Management

Baato VRS ensures that your last-mile operations are carried out with precision and efficiency. Deliver excellence in the final stretch.

Key Features

Last-Mile Efficiency

Streamline operations for swift and efficient deliveries.

Dynamic Routing

Adjust routes based on real-timeconditions and demands.

Driver Performance Analytics

Evaluate driver performance for continuous improvement.

Products Used

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