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Solutions for E-commerce

Inventory Management with Geofencing

Utilize geofencing to efficiently manage inventory levels and distribution based on demand in specific areas.

Key Features

Smart Distribution

Ensure products are well-stocked in high-traffic regions.

Demand Forecasting

Use location data to predict inventory needs in specific areas.

Minimize Overstocking

Avoid excess inventory in lower-demand regions.

Optimized Delivery Routes

Baato's routing solutions optimize delivery routes for E-commerce businesses. Ensure timely and cost-effective deliveries, reducing operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Route Optimization

Find the shortest and fastest delivery routes.

Real-time Tracking

Keep customers informed about the status and location of their deliveries.

Last-Mile Efficiency

Streamline the crucial last-mile delivery process.

Improved Customer Checkout

Eliminate one of key barriers to E-commerce adoption in Nepal, the hassle of delivery methods and the inconvenient experience of shopping online with accurate delivery addressing.

Key Features

Precise Geocoding

Generate accurate geographic coordinates for precise location information.

Exact Addressing

Users can provide reliable addresses so deliverers can find location easily.

Turn-by-turn Directions

Simplify the input of shipping and billing information by automatically populating fields based on location data, saving time for customers.

Products Used

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