Ride the future with Baato

Ride the future with Baato

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Solutions for Ridesharing

Reliable Routing for Time Efficiency

Baato ensures drivers take the most efficient routes for timely and efficient rides. Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to a seamless ride share experience.

Key Features

Optimized Routes

Find the quickest and most efficient path for your rides.

Real-time Traffic Updates

Navigate around traffic for on-time arrivals.

Turn-by-turn Directions

Provide step-by-step guidance for every ride.

Enhanced Local User Experience

Baato caters to the local market with features like Nepali language support and landmark-based navigation. Provide your users with a ride share experience that feels familiar and convenient.

Key Features

Nepali Language Support

Provide instructions in the user's preferred language for a personalized experience.

Landmark-based Navigation

Guide users using recognizable landmarks for seamless navigation.

Accurate and Real-time Map Data

Baato ensures that map data is not only accurate but also updated in real-time. Provide your users with the confidence of knowing they are getting the most current information for an elevated ride share experience.

Key Features

Real-time Data Updates

Access the most up-to-date traffic and location information.

Accurate Landmarks and Points of Interest

Enhance the navigation experience with precise data.

Products Used

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