Baato Explore

Baato tool Baato Explore

Baato Explore is a comprehensive platform empowering users to visualize and enrich their journeys through GPX Route Mapping. This tool allows users to upload GPX traces, enriching them with multimedia at checkpoints, and rendering the adventures on a map interface for seamless exploration.

  • GPX Route Plotting
  • Add Images/Videos in Checkpoints
  • Effortless Sharing and Exploration
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Baato VRS

Baato tool Baato VRS

Baato Vehicle Routing System revolutionizes route planning and optimization for daily fleet operations. This system drives efficiency therefore reducing costs significantly across delivery, pick-up, and service operations. Seamlessly manage orders, depots, and riders while sectorizing service areas and integrating diverse constraints.

  • Dynamic Route Planning
  • Holistic Vehicle and Delivery Management
  • Cost-Effective Route Optimization
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Baato Before-After

Baato tool Baato Before-After

Baato Before-After offers an accessible solution for creating before-after maps, simplifying the technical complexities involved in showcasing mapping contributions over time. This tool bridges the gap for non-tech-focused mapping teams, enabling them to visually present their contributions to OpenStreetMap (OSM) without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

  • Simplified Technical Process
  • Year-specific Comparison
  • Direct Inbox Delivery
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OSM Localizer

Baato tool OSM Localizer

OSM Localizer is a powerful tool designed to localize names in OpenStreetMap across diverse languages and cultures. It fetches global data and suggests translations for element names, integrating a translation engine and transliteration capabilities. This tool fosters community collaboration, uniting mappers worldwide in the pursuit of creating a comprehensive and culturally diverse map.

  • Global Data Access
  • Translation Assistance Integration
  • Community Collaboration Focus
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Prepare Pokhara Platform

Baato tool Prepare Pokhara Platform

Prepare Pokhara, an initiative by Kathmandu Living Labs as part of the Secondary Cities initiative, aims to enhance disaster preparedness by offering easy access to crucial locations like hospitals and emergency cash points, fostering safety for residents and communities. The platform version of this initiative offers the functionality easily to local level government bodies of Nepal.

  • Critical Infrastructure Data Access
  • Local Government Disaster Preparedness Support
  • Community Safety Focus
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